International Students

Are you looking for an American college located in a safe environment that offers a real hands-on education at a low cost? Join our close-knit and supportive community at Northern Maine Community College!  NMCC is located in the heart of Aroostook County in Presque Isle, Maine, the County’s largest city.

For more information read our International Student Guidebook:


To be considered for admission, all application requirements listed below must be received by the following dates:
  • Fall Semester: July 1st
  • Spring Semester: November 1st

应用程序 需求

A. 文档

    1. NMCC 应用程序
    2. Provide high school and college transcripts to a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) approved member for evaluation. For more information, visit the NACES website
    3. International Student Certification of Finances Form and Financial Documentation
    4. Proof of English langu年龄 proficiency (托福考试 成绩或 DuoLingo 英语考试 scores are accepted – see minimum scores below)
    5. 位置测试

Once all application requirements are received, an interview will be scheduled with an admissions counselor.

B. I-20

To be issued an I-20 from Northern Maine Community College, international applicants must be accepted to the college as a full-time student (minimum 12 credit hours). 如果你打算 住在校园里100美元.00 deposit is required to reserve space in the residential complex.

English Langu年龄 Proficiency

Northern Maine Community College 托福考试

Designated Institution (DI) Code: 3631

测试 阅读 写作 说话 总计
托福考试 网络测试 20 17 24 23 85


Duolingo 英语考试
Duolingo 英语考试 is an online proficiency test that can be taken online, 随需应变, in under an hour for only $49. 的 test is taken via a computer with a camera and includes a proficiency score, 视频面试, and writing samples which are shared with Northern Maine Community College when you send your results. Certified results are available within 48 hours of test session.

Student visas are issued to persons who wish to enter the United States for a defined period to enroll in a specified program of study at a specific educational institution as a full-time student.

F-1(学生签证) is issued to those who study at English langu年龄 schools, colleges or universities as full-time students. F-1 students may stay in the United States for the full length of their academic program plus 60 days.

M-1 (Vocational Student Visa) is issued to those who study at non-academic vocational schools or vocational programs of 2-year colleges. Recipients of an M-1 visa may not change fields of study. Switching from an M-1 visa to a F-1 visa is not permitted.

A student who will be accompanied by his/her dependents (spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old) can apply for their F-2/M-2 visa at the time she/he submits his or her own visa application.

Students apply for a visa to either the U.S. 大使馆或美国大使馆.S. Consulate General depending on their registered residence.

的 following documents are required for applying for a visa:

  1. 有效护照
  2. A 1-1/2 inch square photograph (37 mm x 37 mm) showing full face against a light background
  3. Official evidence of admission to an educational institution in the U.S. (i.e., I-20 A-B for F-1 visa or I-20 M-N for M-1 visa)
  4. Evidence of financial support (in English)
  5. A visa application form (OF-156)
  6. 的 visa processing fee

It is the policy of the college not to discriminate on the basis of sex, 信条, color, 比赛, 年龄, 国家的起源, marital status or disability in its educational programs, activities or employment practices.

For additional information, please contact us:

Northern Maine Community College
Presque Isle, ME 04769


7:30am – 4:30pm Monday-Friday or by appointment